Water Damage Restoration

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Water can ruin your belongings and furniture. The good news is that if you get the water cleaned up as soon as possible, you can significantly reduce the amount of damage. If you need someone to perform water damage restoration, just contact True Carpet Clean & Tile. We serve all of the Columbus Ohio area. You can rest assured you will receive the highest quality service from experienced technicians who care about you and your home. In fact, we're available for you 24 hours a day!

Water damage restoration will help you protect your investment. It also will prevent mold from accumulating. Mold can start growing very quickly when there is water. Mold can be dangerous, causing allergies as well as other health problems. If you have a problem with water, we can help. Call us!

If you notice water:

  • Don't touch the area

  • Shut off electrical power

  • Don't delay, give us a call



Water damage restoration can be a difficult job. However, our technicians are skilled, experienced and efficient. They can help you save time and energy and give you peace of mind that your home and floors are back in good condition.

When our team arrives, they will bring high-quality commercial equipment and cleaning solutions. The cleaning solutions not only have effective ingredients, they are also safe. We know that using the right products is one of the keys to getting any job done right.

While we hope this never happens to anyone, if it does, True Clean Carpet & Tile will be there to take care of it. Our commitment is to our customers, their homes and their businesses..


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